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Introducing Henny – “Wreck Less” & “Up Tonight”


Take a listen to Henny’s dope songs titled “Wreck Less” & “Up Tonight” exclusively on SoundCloud below!  Her voice is smooth, catchy and beautiful throughout both songs as she pours her heart out singing.  Also check out Henny’s entire SoundCloud for more amazing music!

Introducing David Veslocki “J.S. Bach- Prelude in E Major (BWV 1006)”


American Guitarist, Record Producer and educator David Veslocki leads a fulfilling and diverse musically life that has taken him around the world and earned him many awards, television, commercial and movie placements.  Throughout every stage of his life the music of JS Bach deeply consoled, encouraged, informed and elevated him to where he is today.

“This is my all-time favorite J.S. Bach piece! There is simply nothing like it and I have learned so much from this great masterpiece about energy, working through transitions, climbing mountains and really taking in the moment. I offer this as a peaceful meditation to all who listen”, he says.

 David plays with a solid, clean technique that is refreshing, passionate and musical.  Davids playing is transparent and allows JS Bach to flow through it as clearly as the cinematography of this video.

Take a listen to his first release titled “J.S. Bach- Prelude in E Major (BWV 1006)” from his forthcoming album “Bach Volume One” which will be available worldwide on April 10.

Follow his journey by visiting his website for exclusive news, social media, & music below

Introducing Ventura “Not Interested” (Single)


Ventura drops a single titled “Not Interested” which was initially dropped on February 14th.

“Not Interested” starts with a vibe of smooth rebel feels. Ventura kills this track with her poetry, it almost feels as if she ripped this page out of her diary and delivered her purist truth.

Take a listen to the dope track exclusively on soundcloud and Spotify below!

Introducing Pop Artist “Raya”

RayaFergusonheadshotblackjacketphotographerMilaZvereva (1)

Raya is a dance and pop artist. Raya grew up in a multicultural family of both Canadian and Russian heritage. Born in Germany, Raya has moved to a variety of places around the world. Raya said that never staying in the same place for long has given her the ability to easily adapt to different cultures and people. By seeing and experiencing people’s lives all over the world, it made her realize one of the most important things in life, which is to have compassion in your heart. she is diverse, with a beautiful voice. Raya loves music. She strongly holds a deep passion for delivering nothing but the best quality music. she has a strong label behind her. She is mentored by Aziz Choukri. He brings the best quality out of his artists and ensures they live out their dreams .

Raya started listening to and playing classical music at the age of 3. A teacher noticed her gift and told her parents to cultivate this talent. So, they enrolled her in a classical music school in Russia. There, she studied 6 to 7 hours a day.  She explained, “Music never let me down and I devoted my life to it in gratitude. I honestly believe that classical music is a journey”

To learn more about Raya, and follow her journey

Instagram: Rayafergusonitunes

Facebook: Raya Ferguson

Official Website:

iTunes:  “Push Me Away” “Make Me Stronger


Introducing Kyng “Tha Biz” (Single)

The American rapper known as KYNG hails from Northwest of Florida. He grew up as a fan of Music in The small Ghetto Of the Cantonment Area, Living a harsh reality and a life where drug dealers had everything and ordinary families struggled to survive, Kyng choose the street life, 18 miles from the beach Kyng learned the Game from the older Gangster and After losing alot of childhood friends and family members to Jail or death decided Rap would be his way out, so every day after to school him and his friend will record rap on a tape recorder and write songs; Clearly a talented wordsmith, producer. writer, painter, graphic, gorilla film artist, He cites his main influences as the hip-hop artists he spent his youth listening to. He honed his skills as a rapper by entering rap battles, claiming his first victory in a Army barracks, in Ft lee VA.

While at state college studying art he held many job title from Soldier- Electrician but always remain to keep one foot in the street. In 97 Kyng team up with life long friend Phillip Predue and ended up getting his first break, after one beat and 30min of pages filled rhyme after rhyme they were signed on the spot to a Sony Street Label Souja Music To the group Soulja Mafia together that spawned A Pointless Song, (Aint No Love) Produced By Lumberjack. The label came under fire from the federal Government When Owner (Black) was Catch in a drug trafficking ring and was sentence to 10+ year in prison. Kyng then Teamed up with

Life long friend Mario who was a street wise guy who want to see Kyng win so he funded Kyng’s first album… Self Titled the album was call Lagator which by the way was Kyngs stage name at the Time. The Album was a local hit but never broke into mainstream. After the album and a few show Kyng head back into the studio to record a new solo album but never released it.

Years past by and although Kyng was focused on music, He always had Music in his heart creating beats and song here and there he choose to join the Army in order to have more of a foundation in life and this is where he long time influence would bring him back to the driver seat to create this body of work today Alpha.


Introducing J-Hen “Gypsy Girl” (Official Video)

J-Hen is an R&B/Pop Billboard recording artist from the Dallas metroplex area. J-Hen’s passion for music first began at an early age. During his middle school years, he taught himself how to write his own songs and in less than a few months had formed a rap group with a couple of friends. Soon after this time he fused the concept of rapping with singing and began to write, produce, and record music! While still in high school he and his friends released their first LP which included tracks of J-Hen singing. It was after this LP that J-Hen decided to switch over to R&B and he has been writing and producing music ever since.

The latest visuals coming from R&B artist J-Hen come in the form of Gypsy Girl! Have you ever met someone that made you feel kinda strange? J-Hen’s single, “Gypsy Girl”, tells the story of a mysterious girl he met when his car broke down. Only to wake up and realize it was all a dream! That’s what happens to J-Hen in this new dope visual from Jeff Adair!


MANAGEMENT: Velicia Henry.  HipStars Entertainment

Official Website: 


Introducing Ravenscroft “Stand Up” (Official Music Video)

Please allow me to introduce you to Orange County, California band “Ravenscroft”

Ravenscroft is a seasoned foursome of musicians whose individual backgrounds and eclectic educations present handsomely delivered melodic alternative rock.

Ravenscroft is Melodic, Hard Hitting Rock that comes from the Soul! Their sound is derived from the very Best of Old School meets New School Hard Rock/Metal. Black Sabbath meets Tool, Drowning Pool meets Shinedown, Creed meets Godsmack! Ravenscroft is very Familiar, yet very New, Original and Cutting Edge!

Woven into a majestic tapestry of rich vocals, guitar, bass and rhythmic electric energy, listeners are instantly drawn to and curious to hear and see where this music goes, enjoy the ride .

Their six song EP “Rebel”is set to be released March 25th 2018. The CD release party to be held at The Slidebar in Fullerton California with Killset.

Ralph Buso (Vocals), Brett Gorke (Guitars), Devin Baker (Bass), Pat Magrath (Drums)

(“This is a band to watch out for. A Powerful, Driving sound delivered with class. We can see good things ahead for these guys so jump on the fan train now before it gets up to full speed…” – Hound Music)

Video: “Stand Up”
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Introducing “Zobe Records”


Zobe Records is an independent record label which is a one-stop-shop for the music industry offering opportunities for the best music talents with a growing roster of music artists, producers, engineers, and DJs. Zobe has formed a partnership with a major label distributor to handle digital and physical music releases. Zobe staff has a vast amount of experience, education, and training to provide the support needed to take a talent to the next level as being well connected to many music industry executives, major label A&Rs, and media outlets which will lead the label to much success in the future along with the growing talent roster open to every genre of music.

Zobe Distribution provides indie-major worldwide distribution for singles, EPs, and albums as a business platform service. These services include not only music servicing but also music video servicing, radio servicing, and more. Zobe Distribution via Zobe Music Group (ZMG) even provides sub-label/imprint opportunities to the best independent labels, management companies, production companies, and music studios who would like to partner to take their organization to the next level and obtain music publishing, distribution, and the marketing assistance that they need.

Zobe Record’s CEO/Owner (Alonzo Black) was inducted as a member of The Recording Academy (Grammys) and enhanced Zobe Records by obtaining a Universal Music Group New Digital Media Agreement, a YouTube Licensing Agreement, a Google Play Licensing Agreement, a Warner Music Inc New Digital Media Agreement, a Sony Music Entertainment New Digital Media Agreement, and even secured a contract with mega music corporation Viacom/MTV to assist with artist development, music licensing, live performance opportunities, and video broadcasting. Zobe Records is a member of ASCAP with its own publishing company “Alonzo Black Publishing”. Zobe Records has partnered with Monahrk Entertainment Firm, a production and music placement company bringing to Zobe a team of Grammy Winning/Nominated and #1 albums/singles charted producers and songwriters who have obtained numerous placements (sync and master licenses) with major recording artists, corporate commercial clients, and films. Some of those expert producers/writers include: Rich Sheldon, Chink Santana, Jerry Franklin, and Rico Anderson.

Check out Zobe Records dope website!

Check out and follow Zobe Records on social media!

Introducing Track Seven Band – “The Try and The Fail”


New York’s very own Track Seven Band brings to you a collaboration that connects the elements of Rap, Rock, R&B, and Funk into one cohesive and melodic sound. Their impressive musical dexterity opens their music to such a diverse audience, not one single genre can claim them. Often playing alongside Indie Rock and Pop-Punk bands opens the door to a completely new genre never heard before. Track Seven Bands music is deeply rooted in traditional Hip-Hop, over stepping the boundaries of looped samples and beats by introducing the fresh sounds of live instrumentation. The bands roots date back to 2011 in the Bronx, New York when front man, Cost was in search of assembling a band to compliment his lyrics of socially hidden struggle messages and awareness with his sound and live stage show. This vision of his created a new palette for the Hip-Hop scene. 

For almost four years Track Seven Band played live shows and decided to go into the studio mid-2015 to finish up the highly anticipated EP The Try And The Fail in which front man Cost says is an emotional roller coaster based on different events he experienced in his lifetime. This lyrically deep musical journey will show the oppressed and those in despair that through his pain, his hunger, and his struggles there is always hope. You will hear his laughter, feel his tears and go through his personal ups and downs but find yourself comforted and motivated to keep trying in the game we call – life. World, we introduce to you – Track Seven Band.

Check out his dope website for exclusive news, new music, and social media below!

Introducing Aria M “Oh My GOd”

Aria M is an 19 year old artist from Washington D.C. who has been making and releasing music since the age of 13. Growing up all around the DMV, Aria was able to use his environment as influence to begin creating his sound. Aria M’s last year has been an eventful one in creating the foundations to a successful career. He did several big shows throughout DC and formed great connections with the Grammy winning DJ Swivel and Chris Gehringer. Aria M writes all of his own music and works with various DMV producers whom fit his genre and style