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@JakeV24 – “Retail Life”

“Retail Life” is the second single off of QuestionQ‘s upcoming debut album. The single was released March 23rd on all streaming platforms. It’s a track about working in the retail industry and tells it from two points of view with a very catchy hook. The hook “Let me talk to the manager” is from the customers standpoint which leads right into the first verse. The filtered voice creates the customer character who is very whiney and complains about the whole nine. “Oh you close at 9:45, I’ll come at 9:44″. The second verse is the comeback to the customer. This is from QuestionQ personally answering all the complaints the customer had in the first verse of the song. The songs purpose is to shed light on the actions of customers from a workers standpoint in the retail industry. Doing so, in a fun, catchy, and funny way.

@cdavidmusicpr – “Aléjate”

Carlos David is a hot new artist on the rise, check out his latest hit “Aléjate” below

Jey Pone – “Nann Freestyle”

Check out this one minute freestyle by the dope Jey Pone

@walkinlickkk – “Highlights of My Life”

Check out Loq T Legit and “Highlights of My Life” – This artist is straight dope

@j0nny_chidi – “125”

Hailing from Massachusetts, here comes Jonny Chidi with his latest hit “125” – Check him out!

@murphdakid_sfs – “Stackin” & “Lit”

Check out Murph Da Kid, an aritst out of Hopewell, VA and two of his hit songs “Stackin'” and “Lit”


@Nicholas2491- “Show yo Love” feat. Noah Floyd

Chris Reddick from Dallas, Drops His project (Album Title )”Forgiven” and Singles “Show yo Love” and “Focus”

This is his first release, Look for the project and single releases. He will be performing spring break 2018 at Al-Amir Lebanese Restaurant and Club. What has inspired the making of the album Forgiven. Forgiven is inspired by the life of Christopher Reddick. The experiences of his life influence the making of this album. Experiences like betrayal while living in a dangerous impoverished city. Facing death and jail time betrayal of friends and family. Chris is releasing the story of his life. The meaning of the album Forgiven is forgiving the people, family, and the city that overlooked him while thanking them for the man he is today.

Show Yo Love is a way to experience different parts of the artist life. His inspirations for the song is his ability to overcome the struggles of life. Whether you are born into privilege or poverty, you still have the same opportunities in life. Though it may take longer to accomplish your goals without as many resources, it is still possible. It’s important to remember where you came from because there are people out there with similar experiences in life that need your love.

Focus is about Focusing on life, dreams, goals, relationships, love, career, money etc. When you lose Focus and become distracted you will lose love. Love is a deep feeling of affection, Whatever a person love the most is easy to lose when you lose focus. STAY FOCUSED ON YOUR DREAMS.


@hbk_mani – Nascar Ft. NJ Fuego (Prod. $tefNotNice)

Check out this dope track “Nascar” by young artist on the rise named Mani. He’s only 18 but he’s got the juice, check him out!

Introducing Lidya “Gone” (Single)

Badass_Spotify_Cover_Final_with_font_300_DPIRecoveredMalaysian vocalist and songwriter LIDYA has a penchant for crafting uplifting electro-pop melodies with anthem-like drops. Born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, LIDYA is a singer-songwriter that makes music in both Malaysia and Los Angeles. 

With a style that ranges from tropical to deep house to electro-pop, LIDYA is gifted with vocals that display a firm command of pop banger thermodynamics. Working closely with her producer Alexander Ammons, the two are constantly bringing fresh sounds with an electronic edge.

LIDYA’s unique electro-pop sound led her to New York City for an opportunity to perform at Times Square. LIDYA was invited to perform at at numerous events in NewYork City, including Celebrate Brooklyn, the Novotel Manhattan, and the Coney Island Music Festival. Recently, she performed at the Ms. & Mrs. India Worldwide Pageant in Malaysia.

LIDYA grabs the attention of her listeners through her delivery of words and distinct voice while having a very aggressive electro house style.

After her first commercial release of “Gone”, she is ready to release her empowering and sassy single “BADASS, which will be featured on Spotify Asia’s New Music Friday playlist on March 30th.

Lidya has worked with world-renowned choreographer, Richy Jackson who has worked closely with Hollywood A-listers (Priyanka Chopra, Lady Gaga,  Katy Perry)and continues to grow her international team.

This year, LIDYA will be releasing more music keeping her influence of pop melodies and electro-house beats while aiming to grow and evolve as not just an artist, but as a brand. A brand that represents individuality, attitude, and empowerment.

LIDYA’s passion for music, fashion, dance, and public speaking, stretches her potential far past the radio waves. These collaborations between the United States and Southeast Asia are important to the long term vision she has created. “There are thousands of content creators being under appreciated from where they come from. Either they be in Los Angeles or in my hometown of Kuala Lumpur. They need to be introduced and developed in a fresh market and know how to navigate through that market. That’s where I want to bridge the gap between Southeast Asia and the U.S. In time, that’s where I see the long term.” LIDYA said.

After the release of BADASS, she will continue to innovate new sounds with the growing support of her fans.

Contact details

Malaysia: +60 16 3131 723

United States: +1 323-412-8161